I'm David Budke.

Programmer. Tech artist. Writer. Some other things too.

Past Projects

Have a look at some things I've done in the past. It's mostly school projects and prototypes, ordered by approximate start date.

Big Game Haunting

Made a game with 3 other people for an Unreal Engine game jam

"Adventures of Rimori" Senior Project

I was the programmer in a team of 5 making a small adventure dungeon

"Game Jam" Independent Study

I and two classmates worked together to make 5 small games over the course of a 10 week quarter

Weapon Room Diorama

A diorama of a weapon room containing sword, shield, and ax props made earlier in the class. The sword is also on Artstation

Sci-Fi Hallway

Environment made for a class

Strategy Prototype

A simple multiplayer strategy game prototype

Unnamed Prototype

A prototype for a puzzle game where tilting the world shifts blocks

Board Games

A small collection of board games, with the option of playing local multiplayer or against AI


A prototype for a puzzle game involving lights and mirrors


Made for game jam with the theme "two birds with one stone" in November of 2014


A simple gravitational body simulator


A viewer for 3D images and videos, for VR and other display modes